Day 1

Dr. Burcu Akıncı
“Sensors and Information Models for Construction and Infrastructure Management”
Dr. Rafael Sacks
“BIM Project Case Studies from around the World: The State-of-the-art in Construction Practice and in Research”
Niyazi Kemer
“How Construction Technology is Changing the Owner-Contractor Relationship?”
Léon van Berlo
“Collaborative Design and Engineering: History, Current Practice and Possible Future”
Dr. Mehmet Egemen Özbek
“Building Information Modeling and Legal and Contractual Considerations”
Daniel Kazado / Dr. Esin Ergen
“Adopting BIM and Determining the “I” in BIM”
Sharing of Experience
Erdinç Çiftçi
“BIM Based Design Approach”

Sylvie Cassan
“BIM and Collaboration for the Grand Paris Transportation Project : key learnings about conditions of implementation and benefits for stations, maintenance sites and linear infrastructure”

Day 2

Dr. Ahmet Çıtıpıtıoğlu
“Digitizing the Built Environment Industry: Challenges, Case Studies and Road Map”
Dr. Ioannis Brilakis
“Virtualizing Infrastructure”
Saniye Öktem / M.Polat Diker
“A BIM Adaptation Story: How to “BIM” it?”
Sylvie Cassan
“BIM for Grand Paris Transportation Project”
Dr. Aslı Akçamete
“An Outlook for Future of BIM: Integration and Intelligence”
Elif Ensari / Can Kadir Sucuoğlu
“City Data and Information Systems”
Sharing of Experience
Dr. Burcu Akıncı
“Data Driven Proactive Decision-Making for Facility Operation”

Dr. Ahmet Çıtıpıtıoğlu
“Lessons Learned and Challenges of Budgeting, Planning, Implementation of New Processes in TAV Projects”